Yves’ awesome band Mother’s Cake in action with the Mindfuzz.
Photo by Julia.

The sound of the Surfadelic Soundwaves pedal is very creamy and at the same time so brilliant, not as the classic fuzzes like the big muff.

It’s a beautiful and sturdy design and I love the pots, very high quality. Looking forward to use the small version of it.

– Yves from Mother’s Cake, Austria

The Mindfuzz’s gritty yet detailed distortion/fuzz makes it a go-to piece of gear for a tone with attitude and personality. The circuit is responsive to the input, the fader and filter are functional and make it very fun to play with, and you can feel top quality of materials in the build. It’s a fantastic tool to get unique, modern sounds for any production.

– Juan (One Touch Sound), Colombia

I used it a fair bit in the studio and got some really beefy fuzz out of it. From thick chords and to nice 60’s trippy leads, a really satisfying range of tones and great vintage looks!
All the benefits of vintage fuzz tones without the tone sucking parts. I love it.

– Ryan, Canada

The Mindfuzz is the ideal pedal for guitarrists who want to be in full control of their fuzz on the go. The two knobs and the slider offer a wide variety of fuzz sounds, from subtle to heavily distorted. I like all of them, which is why I haven’t found THE setting yet. But do you really need to find it, if you can adjust your fuzz in an instant? Plus, it just looks gorgeous!

– Thom, Germany

I never thought about another fuzz pedal since I got this one. It has a wide range of use for me. Works excellent from smooth garage to deep doom jams …

– Roland, Austria

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